Seeking answers to energy challenges. Source The Daily Times, Oct 03, 2017.

Interview with Solar Traders Association Director Chisambazi Nyirenda

"Power outages have now become a norm as the country continuos to rely on hydro power to generate electricity. Over the years, water levels in Lake Malawi have continued to go down, partly because of changes in climate patterns, thereby affecting flow in the Shire River where the country taps power to generate electricity".

World Bank calls for long-term energy investments. Source: The Nation, Aug 25, 2017

World Bank country manager Greg Toulmin: "It is clear that Malawi needs greater access to energy and that the country needs to build up the transmission backbone, develop better distribution channels, particularly in the rural areas and, of course, it needs to have the power to be able to out in place that system".

Rainfall amounts still inadequate-Escom


Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) has published a statement about the current electricity situation. “Escom says it is currently producing an average of 150 megawatts (MW) of power against installed capacity of 351.7 MW and that the impact of the rains on Lake Malawi and Shire River was insignificant”.

The normal water levels in Lake Malawi is around 474.00 meters above sea level (asl). But within the past years, the levels have dropped to as low as 372.97 metersasl, according to the Water Department.