Anyone with an interest in and commitment to renewable energy can join CONREMA.

To get started, complete a profile selecting either an organizational or an individual registration. Fill in all the required fields so that your information can become part of the capacity database where members can search for organizations or individuals with certain skill sets and experience.

Once you have completed your form you will be redirected to create an account on the CONREMA website.

The CONREMA team will review your application and if approved your listing will appear in the database and you will receive an email with log in information for the site. Log in using this one time link, and then change your password. You will also be able to return to your profile to add your photo or logo, CV and other media files.

Once confirmed as a member you will be able to search both the project and capacity databases, as well as post to the forum. If you are applying as an organization, you will also be able to post new projects.