Shining a light on new technologies

Once you've joined as a member, you can log in and explore the various projects highlighting renewable energy technologies in the project database. If you haven't yet registered on the site, you can visit the sample page to get a taste of a project listing.



Our members enjoy various opportunities for linking up, exploring synergies and estbalishing partnerships. Through their member profile in the capacity database, their contributions and experience can be presented to other stakeholders in the sector.


Working to address energy poverty

Fighting energy poverty means improved health, better education, less environmental degradation and increased economic activity and income. Learn about CONREMA's leading role in tackling this important issue.

Comment: "Malawi's mistake in power supply"

Globally reliable power supply is fundamental to the broader development agenda. Without electricity it is not easy for the government to offer quality essential services.

The private sector also needs reliable electricity to manufacture quality products and offer world-class services. At household level, consumers connected to the grid yearn for consistent power supply all the time.



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