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Working to address energy poverty

Fighting energy poverty means improved health, better education, less environmental degradation and increased economic activity and income. Learn about CONREMA's leading role in tackling this important issue.



"Nyumba ya Masambiro" - Solar-Power Electrification for IT Centre

Following our recent purchase in December 2011 of solar panels (thank you MNC and Solar Aid!), and thanks to the realisation that the staff were starting to "experiment" with the plugs by inserting fingers into sockets, we decided it was time to give a sesssion on solar energy. The class  covered a whole load of questions on the nature of energy and how it is converted from one form to another, as well as some health and safety of course!

2 laptops running at the centre and IT sessions are on their way! Expected was also a projector to show educational dvd's.

"Nyumba ya Masambiro" - Fuel Efficient Mudstove Project

In March 2012, volunteers Odet Avnat and Ron Shifroni got together with the women's groups in Ruarwe to learn how to make a mud cooker that can be constructed using only local materials and costs nothing at all to build!

Thanks to their hard work and dedication we now have an excellent new stove in the kitchen at Nyumba Ya Masambiro that uses far less firewood to cook, and the women's groups in Ruarwe have acquired a wonderful and practical new skill. Our chef Makintosh is having the time of his life!

Solar-Wind Demonstration Village Elunyeni

The Solar-Wind Hybrid System at Elunyeni was installed in 2007 and there were 150 houses benefiting
from the project. The project is managed by the community through an established committee and the
Department of Energy provides technical services. Currently, there are 128 houses benefiting from the
projects. Each house hold has five lighting points and one socket outlet. Each household pay a minimum
contribution of K200.00 per month (0.56 cents of a dollar) towards security of the system as well as salary
of the operator.

Pico-Solar Women Entrepreneurs


Most impoverished MicroLoan Foundation clients live in remote rural regions of Malawi and have no electricity. Your gift will allow us to purchase 500 solar lights, providing 50 women with the opportunity to start their own self-sustainable business. These cost effective lights will reduce the use of kerosene lamps in the home, so improving the health of the family, and allow students to complete homework. MLF USA fosters the entrepreneurial spirit by providing a hand-up not a hand-out.

Hydro-Power Electrification for Ruarwe Primary School Computer Lab and "Nyumba ya Masambiro"

At the end of 2011 Phunzira installed solar panels at "Nyumba ya Masambiro" to be used free-of-charge by community members for educational purposes, but with insufficient power to run multiple laptops simultaneously. In 2012 volunteer Amy Wright began her dream of adding hydro power to the equation with her newly founded group NUSTREAM...

K4Health Solar Charger Distribution to Community Health Workers to enhance use of Health Knowledge Management

Health program managers and service providers in Malawi often lack access to up-to-date and relevant information. Health care professionals responding to a K4Health health information needs assessment reported that even when information exists, it is scattered and difficult to find. The K4Health Malawi Pilot Project was implemented between 2010 and 2012 to address these information gaps and to improve the exchange and use of knowledge on family planning/reproductive health and HIV/AIDS at the national, district, and community levels.