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NOTE: PLEASE respond directly to the advertiser under briquettes@energyunlimited-mw.com only.


On behalf of a major relief programme, we are undertaking an assessment to identify potential suppliers for 1) immediate and 2) longer-term supply of biomass briquettes or sustainably produced bio-char (from vegetable or non-tree plant biomass) that could be delivered or picked up in a radius of about 100km around Mwanza, for use in household briquette stoves.


Please note that for this urgent assignment, we are ONLY going to be able to work with existing production groups that can prove former production and supply of briquettes, will be open to inspection of their production site and can showcase samples of their briquettes.


Please send Expressions of Interest, in total NOT exceeding 7 pages, with the following details to briquettes@energyunlimited-mw.com as soon as possible :


1. Indication if you qualify for


Lot 1 - immediate supply (able to supply 2000 briquettes/month as early as mid July 2016)


AND/OR Lot 2 - longer term supply (able to supply at least 1000 briquettes/week from August/September on a regular fortnightly or monthly basis for at least 6 months)


OR Lot 3 - potentially longer term supply, but only able to reach the necessary volumes with additional support in terms of equipment or necessary inputs


2. Nature of your enterprise with regards to briquette supply: small-scale production/industrial production/local sourcing&trading/importation/other (pls specify)


3. Description of your briquettes: Shape, measurements and raw material mix (percentages, e.g 10% paper- 20% sawdust from carpentry remainder - 50% sawdust from trees - 20% rice husks from commercial mill) - ideally with 1-2 photos of the finished briquettes


4. Short description of the process the briquettes are made and other inputs used (e.g water, bleach), as well as the type of press used (ideally with a photo)


5. Description of supply chain for raw materials for your briquettes (how often do you source in which quantity, how reliable is the source, how is transport organized, what mitigation measures can be put in place in case the supply is interrupted at one point)


6. Explanation on delivery: How many briquettes can you produce or source per day/week/month? Theoretically, if given a contract with a 30% pre-payment, how many days would it take you to be able to deliver 1000 briquettes? Are you able to package your briquettes in big units and how (not a requirement)?


7. Details about your enterprise: How is your group or institution organized - in terms of legal setup, registration, members, mission. where do you produce and where are the finished briquettes stored? Who is involved in what role and who is the responsible contact. How many women and men are part of the entity? Any women in leading positions (not a requirement)?


6. ONE PAGE CV summary with relevant background of main contact person who will overlook and ensure timely delivery of the briquettes on behalf of your entity


7. Financial background of your enterprise - ideally audited accounts; if not available, anything that can give a proper proof of sufficient financial stability of your enterprise that will ensure that you can at least pay for upfront operations and production cost before payment for the briquettes; e.g. overview of investment to date plus recent bank statement or proof of cash resources and assets (functioning hand presses, machines, raw material stocks etc that can be used for production)


8. Short- and long-term vision for development of your enterprise regarding the alternative cooking fuels and stove sector -what do you want to reach in the next two years in terms of your production and sales volumes, briquette price ranges, and who/where are you target customers? How will you secure the financial means necessary to build your enterprise?


9. If you are currently only working on small scale briquette making, what kind of support (e.g. in operational inputs, training or similar) would you need to be able to produce and/or deliver 1000 briquettes or more per week?


10. If applicable - How do you integrate environmentally friendly practices in your operations?


11. Have you engaged in training other groups in briquette making before or would you be able to do so? Please explain. (not required)



Total EoI may NOT exceed 6 pages, plus 1 page CV/background summary of main coordinator/contact person with contact details and pictures.



Deadline for Applications:


Due to the urgency in this case, we will evaluate proposals on a rolling basis and we or our client may start directly contacting suitable enterprises for quotations until the needed supply is reached. We will do our best to give feedback to all proposing entities but no obligation is made from our side that any applicants will be contacted or selected, as our client will need to find the most reasonable offers available within a logistically doable geographic zone in the shortest possible time frame.




We are encouraging women groups and other small informal enterprises to apply as long as they can prove previous success in making of good quality briquettes. Suitably located and committed entities applying under Lot 3 (only able to produce bigger quantities with support e.g more efficient presses) may potentially be considered under a separate small enterprise production support programme.


Expressions of Interest should ideally be in English to make work easier for the client, but can also be handed in in ChiChewa if that is nobody in the entity can create an English application.



Thank you for sharing this message with any suitable suppliers in 100km vicinity of Mwanza.



Please respond directly to the advertiser under briquettes@energyunlimited-mw.com ONLY!

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