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Working to address energy poverty

Fighting energy poverty means improved health, better education, less environmental degradation and increased economic activity and income. Learn about CONREMA's leading role in tackling this important issue.

Fifty Eight Activists Trained in Green and Inclusive Energy Advocacy

Green and Inclusive Energy (GIE) is a project Renew ’N’ Able Malawi (RENAMA) is carrying out in partnership with Hivos International and four other local Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), namely, Community Energy Malawi (CEM), Malawi Health Equity Network (MHEN), Youth Net and Counseling (YONECO) and National Association of Business Women (NABW).

RENAMA through “Top-of-Mind Awareness on Green and Inclusive Energy” has trained Trainers of Trainers in energy advocacy in all the three regions of Malawi targeting teachers, CSOs, Youth NGOs and entrepreneurs working with rural communities. The project aims at increasing knowledge and problem solving capacity of general public through training and advocacy materials. the training was one of series activities the project is embarking on to influencing critical thinking among Malawians to reduce energy poverty impact communities are facing. Training equipped the trainers with skills on how they can work together with communities to resolve issues that has impacted education, health, economy, agriculture and among other sectors of development.

Training was facilitated by Kenneth Mtago, Senior Advocacy Consultant and Wonderful Mkhutche, Advocacy & Communication Officer.

The training took place in all the three regions of Malawi targeting 20 people in each region. TOT Energy Advocates built their skills in what is energy? Energy Poverty and its Impact on Malawi, Energy Solutions for Households and Off-Grid Communities in Malawi, Energy initiatives and Advocacy in Malawi and Advocacy Skills and Planning for more information: http://www.nysasatimes.com/renewnable-malawi-top-mind-awareness-green-energy, http://www.malawi24.com/2017/06/23/20-malawians-drilled-on-energy-advocaccy

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2017-06-22_ BT ToT participants.jpg

Southern Region Advocates at Grace Bandawe Hotel & Conference in Blantyre pose on a group photo

2017-07-11_ GIE LL ToT Taining participants.JPG

Central Region Advocates at Bridge View Hotel and Conference pose on a group photo in Lilongwe

2017-07-14_GIE Mzuzu Participants receiving her Certificate..JPG

One of the Mzuzu Advocates on GIE receiving her certificates from Kenneth Mtago, the trainer while Wonderful Mkhutche the Advocacy & Communication Officer looks on.