Technology News

US power company ready to start work


The US power company Water Wheel International plans a hydropower plant in Nkhata Bay, which uses the company own technology calles Pump Storage Innovation. It is expected that the plant is able to add 42 megawatts to the national grid.

The company´s President Rod Ekern: “[…] one of our future projects will be to fully utilise the technology so that we can develop energy without being dependent upon rainfall and it will create what we call baseline continuous power”.

Escom rolls out LED bulbs distribution


“The project, which will be conducted in two phases, will start with a free exchange of incandescent bulbs (non-energy saving bulbs) with 450 000 LED bulbs in high impact areas such as Ndirande and Chirimba townships in Blantyre while in the second phase, 750 000 LED bulbs will be sold on retail in low feeder areas”.

Installation of light emitting diodes [LED] bulbs

"ESCOM will be installing Advanced Energy Efficient Lighting Bulbs calles Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs at some identified premises of its customers from Mondat 12th December 2016. This is one of the key measures to reduce the levels of Ebening load shedding, and also to increase savings on the customers' electrictity bills".

Escom LED bulbs project starts today

Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) has started disturbing and installing of efficient lighting bulbs called Light Emitting Diode (Led) bulbs for reducing blackouts.

Escom Spokesperson George Mituka: "The effect of these bulbs once installed will be reducing the demand of electricity especially during the evening peak hours by 30 megawatts which is enough to light Mzuzu City, Zomba and Karonga".

Low income households are supposed to get these bulbs for free.