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Solar News

"Fake and defective PV products circulating in high demand areas"

The disheartening status of solar photovoltaic modules in Malawi, southern Africa:

Although access to solar and other renewable energy technologies is changing the way we create and consume electricity, it seems that not everyone is getting the same level of opportunity. In Malawi, and other places in Africa, the renewable energy markets are flooded with an extraordinarily poor quality of imported solar PV equipment. The financial burden of early product failures on this disadvantaged population has the undesirable effect of constraining the rate of electrification.

"Govt powers 85 health facilities"

As power outages continue to threaten the delivery of quality services, government has installed solar-powered electricity in 85 health facilities across the country to reduce the impact of persistent blackouts on health service and boost operations in facilities that never had power, the Ministry of Health has said.

In the last meeting of Parliament, Minister of Health Atupele Muluzi acknowledged the negative effect of blackouts on hospitals and promised that by December 20 this year, government would provide solar energy to 85 health centers.

"Solar PV in Africa: Falling costs driving rapid growth"

Among the most transformative events of the current decade has been the dramatic, and sustained, improvement in the competitiveness of renewable power generation technologies. Support policies for solar and wind power technologies are driving a virtuous circle of technology improvements, falling costs and continued growth in new markets. In 2015, more renewable energy capacity was added to the global energy mix than in previous years, including 47GW of solar photovoltaic (PV) and 63GW of onshore wind.

"The power of solar"

Making do with what you have. The age-old idiom rings true in many parts of the world.

But what if you have nothing to make do with and the situation is so dire that government, the economy or foreign aid are no longer able to solve it?

Malawi's current energy crisis eclipses everything and it is difficult to find an area not impacted by the lack of power in the country.

Business, education, healthcare, transport, air travel, tourism. When the lights go out, everything is affected. Factories close, children cannot study, travel becomes dangerous.

"Malawi to Have More Solar-Powered Public Hospitals to Save Lives, Says Muluzi"

Malawi expects more public hospitals to have uninterrupted power charged by solar power in a move government hope will save lives across the country. Minister of Health and Population Atupele Muluzi has disclosed.

Muluzi informed Parliament that with support from the Global Fund, Malawi government has procured 85 power kits ranging from 5 kilowatts to 100 kilowatts that are being installed in various facilities throughout the country.

"Mlale Mission Hospital gets solar system donation"

Naari Group a grouping of Lilongwe-based women with diverse cultural and professional backgrounds – on Saturday donated a K10 million three-kilowatt solar power system to Mlale Mission Hospital in Lilongwe.

Naari Group Chairperson, Nisha Hament Tanna, said the donation aims at easing challenges the facility is experiencing in providing healthcare services, particularly in the theatre, due to incessant power outages.

"We pray that the equipment will come in handy and will be extremely useful for the operation of the theatre at this hospital," Tanna said.