Renewables vs. Fossils


An alternative view to oil drilling

The environmental activist Geoffrey Mfiti alerts about oil drilling in the lake Malawi. He mentions that the lake Malawi is already struggled by environmental challenges and cannot bear anything else. He compares the future of the lake with the Minamata disaster in Japan, if oil drilling will happen. He tries to give an alternative view to oil drilling.

Mfiti: "We can make money from the lake through irrigation and eco-tourism".

Beyond coal: scaling up clean energy to fight global poverty

Eradicating global poverty is within reach, but under threat from a changing climate. Left unchecked, climate change will put at risk our ability to lift people out of extreme poverty permanently by 2030, the first target of the Sustainable Development Goals. Coal is the world’s number one source of CO2 emissions. Most historic emissions came from the coal industry in the developed world in the last century, with China joining the biggest emitters at the beginning of this one.