All the issues regarding reafforestation.

Journalists in tree planting exercise

Association of Environmental Journalists (AEJ) secretary general Charles Mkoka: "With the newly-constructed stadium in this stretch of the river, we thought it wise to contribute towards the rehabilitation of the area by planting suitable species of trees that will complement the surroundings of the Bingu National Stadtium as well as protecting the degraded Lingadzi River bank".

Phindu growers association to plant 20 000 trees

Phindu Tobacco Growers Association acting president Robert Tauka: " So far, we have planted 10 000 trees in T/As Kabudula and Ngwangwa. Without trees farmers will have difficulties to grow tobacco".

But there are also opinions that the environmental damages are caused by the tobacco, according to one of the farmers in the area, Mc Ferson Kumanda.

Over 500 000 trees to be planted in BT

Blantyre district forestry officer Geoffrey Kanyerere: "Indeed, I can confirm that the district just like others, has not been spared from the high deforestation and environmental degradation effects due to El-Nino, wanton cutting down of trees, charcoal burning activities for commercial purposes and harmful bush fires among other devastating causes of deforestation".

Related to that the Blantyre District Council has secured 500 000 trees to be planted in this season.

Inside BWB Mulanje Mt-water project. Source: The Daily Times Jan 9, 2017

"The [Blantyre Water] board's inability to provide water has been drawing heavy criticism from all concerned parties Environment and Natural Resources Committee of Parliament through its Chair Werani Chilenga, for example, blamed the board for lacking expertise to pump enough water from the ever-flowing Shire River.

In response, the board came up with two projects to alleviate the challenges apart from relying on the Shire River alone".

1. Recovering Mudi Dam

2. tap water from the Likhubula River

PIL plants 10 000 seedlings in Ndirande Mountain

Petroleum Importers Limited (PIL) board chairperson Zubeir Bhana: "We are assisting in the afforestation of Ndirande Mountain, especially this area of our water resource used by Blantyre Water Board. A total of 10 000 seedlings will cover this area. This being a catchment area for Mudi Dam, we believe this will go a long waz in offering protection for this water resource area".