All the issues regarding reafforestation.

Mum dates trees

Musicans Union of Malawi (Mum) Southern Chapter chairperson Papa Mtume: "The vice has culminated in climate change, soil erosion and floods. As artists, we devised a way to reduce the impact of climate change by planting 1 000 trees. The trees might not benefit us but future generations".

"About 100 artists will take part in the exercise."

APM launches tree planting season

President Peter Mutharika: "This [to improve provision of forest goods and services to contribute towards sustainable development of Malawi] will be done through protection and conservation of forest resources. It also provides guidance to all stakeholders in the provision of forest services as well as implementation of interventions that will promote sustainable forest management in the country".

Mera plants 15 000 trees in Machinga Mwanza

Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (Mera) board chairperson Bishop Joseph Bvumbwe: "Most of the rivers that are tributaries of the Shire River have been affected by environmental degradation as people in these areas are cultivating and practising irrigation farming in the rivers´ catchment areas, a situation that contributes to siltation and accumulation of debris".

"[...] the energy regulatory body [...] wants to take a leading role in managing the environment along the Shire River".