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All the issues regarding reafforestation.

Journalists to be rewarded for environmental articles. Source: The Daily Times

Association for Environmental Journalists (AEJ) Secretary General Chalres Mkoka: "The Green Media Awards seek to promote and sustain environmental reporting in Malawi and accelerate the agenda for sustainable utilisation of the country's natural reporting on resources".

The award is given in categories like environment, climate change, energy, waste management and pollution, disaster risk reduction, forestry, water and sanitation, wildlife and mining.

AU for protection of forests. Source: The Daily Times, July 14, 2017.

"The meeting brought together policy makers with an objective of promoting collaboration on restoration and expansion of efforts to areas with low forest cover. African countries are to restore 100 [million] hectares of land and Malawi has made a pledge to restore 4.5 million hectares".

Tree planting falls short by 30%

Department of Forestry spokesperson Sangwani Phiri: "People are still planting and we are still getting statistics from other players. We believe that by the end of the rainy season, we would meet the target".

Approximately 55.5 percent of the planted trees in the season 2015/16 survived.

Masaf plants 1.3m trees in LL

"Lilongwe district forestry officer Tresa Mvula said indigenous varieties were preferred beacuse they are good in moisture retention as compared to exotic ones. She said the indigenous trees will help conserve the catchment areas along Lilongwe, Nathenje and Nanjiri riversm among others. Last year, the district planted 2,5 million trees, 70 percent of which survived".

Msaka cautions corrupt forestry staff

In Malawi are 84 forests under the protection of unarmed guard. But in most cases the people destroying trees are armed.

Minister of Natural Resources Energy and Mining Bright Msaka: "We have the Malawi Defence Force (MFD) soldiers in the forests because we did not have armed guards, but now we have started training them and sooner or later, the MDF soldiers will be relieved to do other tasks".