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Working to address energy poverty

Fighting energy poverty means improved health, better education, less environmental degradation and increased economic activity and income. Learn about CONREMA's leading role in tackling this important issue.


"Association lobbying for waivers on energy products"

The Renewable Energy Industries Association of Malawi (REIAMA) has asked the government to revert to the old Barrier Removal to Renewable Energy in Malawi (BARREM) project, to protect consumers from fake products that have flooded the market.

REIAMA President, Andrew Nkoloma, said after the setting up of the association as a bridge to development gaps in the renewable energy sector, the government discovered that one major barrier was high duty on products such as solar and power generators.

"Faith, Sonye take action in environmental protection"

Youthful musicians Faith Mussa and Sonyezo Kandoje, popularly known as Sonye, have once again come together to play a leading role in environmental protection by producing a theme song for Dzalanyama conservation.

It is not the first time for the duo to work on songs on environmental protection programmes. Last year, they released a track titled ‘Ndapeza Mbambande’.

The song promotes renewable energy and environmental friendly practices.

"Making wood fuel renewable"

Unreliable power supply is increasing the smoky appetite for charcoal and firewood across the country.

At Kameza Roundabout in Blantyre, trucks and bicycles bringing charcoal into the city come in quick succession from all directions.

This is typical sight as just 10 percent of the population has access to electricity and only one of these use it for cooking.

The cooking crisis has left forests trees going up in smoke as  nearly every home in the country relies on wood fuel.


Energy poverty

"NGOs unite for green energy"

Imagine a country where nine in every 10 people have no access to the grid and just a fifth of the haves uses electricity for cooking.

This is not a fairytale for many Malawians, but a stark reality pushing them to raid forests for firewood and charcoal.

As trees go up in smoke, with 90 percent of the population relying on firewood and charcoal, Hivos International has partnered five non-governmental organisations to increase the uptake of environment-friendly energy solutions that leave no one behind.