Malawi Energy Sector & Policy News

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Mera maintains electricity tariffs, fuel prices. Source: The Nation, Srp 08, 2017.

"[...] Mera also maintained electricity tariffs at the current average of K57.72 per kilowatt to enable the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) partly bridge the revenue gab created by the delayed tariff implementation".

Source: The Nation

Egenco ready to compete with IPPs

ELECTRITY Generation Company (Egenco) Malawi Limited says it is not worried with the entry of Independent Power Producers (IPPs) into the countrys power sector. Egenco Chief Executive Officer, William Liabunya, said it is important for IPPs to enter the power sector in Malawi because they would complement Egenco's efforts in increasing generation capacity in the country"

World Bank calls for long-term energy investments. Source: The Nation, Aug 25, 2017

World Bank country manager Greg Toulmin: "It is clear that Malawi needs greater access to energy and that the country needs to build up the transmission backbone, develop better distribution channels, particularly in the rural areas and, of course, it needs to have the power to be able to out in place that system".