All the issues regarding deforestation.

Climate change and agriculture: Where do we go wrong?

"Global, regional and national forums, simmuts and conferences have discussed, generated solutions on how countries and communities can address challenges of climate change on economies. These forums also provided solutions on how agricuture in the face of climate change, can create employment, enhance food and nutrition security, reduce malnutrition and provide the neccesary raw materials for economic growth.

Sodiers cashing in on Chikangawa

"A leaked Department of Forestry report has revealed that the Malawi Defence Force (MDF) military operation aimed at restoring sanity in Viphya Plantations in the Northern region has instead turned into money-generating initiative for some senior soldiers."

Mt Mulanje Forest under threat

Mulanje District Forestry Officer Lemos Mlaviwa: "The problem is juge. Most of the timer is from Mulanje cedar and blue gum trees from the mountain. The mountain has lost about 500 hectares of vegetation at Chambe Basin, many Mulanje cedar trees at Mulanje Mounatin Plateay and other types of trees from other parts of the mountain".

MDF declares war on deforestation

Malawi Defence Force (MDF) Commander General Griffin Supuni-Phiri: "Apart from protecting the country from external enemies, MDF has a constitutional obligation to protect the country from internal enemies. Deforestation is a huge security risk. It leads to conflict".